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Why do I need 2 luggage bags?

We have designed a bag that is big enough for everything you will need, and it also serves to regulate the size and quantity of each hiker's luggage. It makes transport so much easier for us. You will need two bags, one for your sleeping gear and one for your clothes and personal items. Don't worry, it is spacious enough ladies!

Size: 90 (L) x 30 (W) x 30 (H)cm

Made from waterproof canvas.

Where do I leave my car, and will it be safe?

Yes. Your car stays at Rhoodebergkloof until you finish your trip, and it will be safe there.

How is it possible to shower with 5 liters of cold water?

We supply hot water so that your shower will not be cold. We will explain the working of the bucket shower. 5 liters of water is enough to have a nice shower and even wash your hair.  Some of the overnight stops do not have ablution facilities and therefore this will only be applicable then. Most nights you will have normal showers.

Do I need to carry water for the whole day?

We supply drinking water along the route where you can refill.

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