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"Tjamies" Berg - "A jumble (of rocks)"

The Kamiesberg mountain range stretches for about 140km from Garies in the south to Springbok in the north and forms a plateau between the Sandveld of the Cape West Coast and Bushmanland in the east, with the Hardveld of the mountainous central Kamiesberg escarpment in the midst. This range is very like the Matopos of Zimbabwe in appearance. The region is considered one of 25 global plant biodiversity hotspots and portions were declared protected in 1999 in order to preserve the abundant wildlife and colorful wildflowers.


The Leliefontein mission station, known for the Leliefontein massacre in 1902, is located at an elevation of 1 500m on a plateau near the top of the mountains, which attains a height of over 1 700m. The highest point is Rooiberg peak at 1 706m. The fact that one of the trails runs over Rooiberg peak is one of the major attractions and makes this hike rather challenging.







There are no perennial rivers in the area. Water is obtained from subterranean sources. Some of the water is pumped up by windmills and pumps, but most of the water to the communal areas comes from natural springs. Many of these springs are semi-perennial and the salt content of the water can vary from year to year.

Do not be misled by the idea that this area does not offer anything to see as it is home to many hidden jewels. There are a number of mountain passes with gravel roads that offer stunning views and a rich biodiversity like Kamiesberg pass, Studer pass, Grootvlei pass, Killian's pass and more. Whether hiking or cycling, you will be amazed by this unique area. Extraordinary sunsets and breathtaking views will keep any photographer busy for hours. You don't need anything more than a cellphone to capture some memorable scenes.

The Kamiesberg area has always been known as a tourist attraction during the flowering season, but it does not only shine during the flowering season. The Kamiesberg mountains boasts fifty-seven endemic plant species, along with a further 57 near endemics which are restricted to the higher peaks (above 1300m) and to the Renosterveld plateau (900-1200m). Especially important upland areas are the three highest peaks - Rooiberg, Sneeukop, and Eselkop. 


Not only is the Kamiesberg adventure a must for any nature lover, but it also contains a rich history, beautiful people and unique culture. Come and join a professional, friendly and caring team and discover the wealth and abundance of the Kamiesberg area and its people. Whether you will be hiking or cycling, you will be refreshed and renewed. Come and rediscover yourself.                                                                                                




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