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'Kamiesberg 6'

6-Day, 100km Slackpack/Backpack Hiking Trail

Day 1 starts at Rhoodebergkloof at an elevation of 451m. The trail runs through the countryside along well-established trails, over either Rooiberg at 1700m, Grasberg at 1507m, or an easier, alternative route along the road over Studer's Pass, before descending to a height of 821m at the first camp site called Omie's Camp. From Rhoodebergkloof to the highest point on Rooiberg there is a difference in height of 1246m. To traverse Rooiberg summit you have to be fit, without any injuries and extremely determined. It is not easy.

Day 2 kicks off at Omie's Camp and rapidly ascends up the remainder of Studer's Pass to an elevation of 1166m, which is also the highest for the day. Day 2 ends at Koornlandskloof at a height of 1122m.

From Koornlandskloof the road steadily climbs through a smaller pass called Groenkloof to reach a maximum height of 1385m which lies approximately halfway to Leliefontein. From Leliefontein the road begins to descend, until it reaches Tannie Jenny's camp site where we will spend the night after Day 3. The camp is situated at a height of 1221m.

Day 4 is downhill all the way. The road descends from the camp site at 1221m to 598m at Tweerivier which is also the next place where you will spend the night.

From Tweerivier there is a slight increase in height to a maximum height for the day of 649m, after which the road descends to the camp site at Kheis which is situated at 284m.  

On the last day back to Rhoodebergkloof, you once again have to hike through the countryside, traversing the mountain between Kheis and Rhoodebergkloof, where you will have to climb to a maximum height of 761m. The trail takes you to a seasonal waterfall called Kliphuis. From there it is plain sailing along the dirt road back to base camp.

Except for the first and last day where you have to hike through the countryside, the trail consists of well-maintained dirt roads with hard surfaces. Although very steep in certain areas, the trails over the mountains are well built and thoroughly marked.  The surfaces are hard and rocky, and steps have been built along the most extreme stretches. With the fully supported slackpack option, you will be accompanied by a guide, as well as a sweeper covering the rear to ensure that no-one gets left behind, and a support vehicle constantly moving up and down the route each day.

'Kamiesberg 10'

10-Day, 247km  Slackpack Hiking Trail

This beautiful trail starts in Garies and ends at Rhoodebergkloof. Although much longer than the 'Kamiesberg 6', it is much more moderate with regards to elevation differences. It includes trekking through the pristine landscapes of the Sandveld of the Cape West Coast where you will experience the flowers of Namaqualand at its best. Distances range between 19 and 30km per day.

The night before the hike is spent at Oom Mikke Stone's camping site in Garies. The first three days then takes you directly to the coast where we will spend two days and two nights in the Namaqua Coastal Reserve at Varswater and Boulderbaai. 

The next camping sites are situated at Heuningnes, Dawid se Klip, Naries, Bethel's Klip and Kheis. The last night will be spent at Rhoodebergkloof where the trail ends. 

Except for along the coast where thick sand is to be encountered, the route follows hard, established dirt roads. A guide, a sweeper in the rear, and support vehicle will accompany you all the way. Differences in elevation is moderate.

Cycling route

The cycling trail follows the same route as indicated for hiking except for stretches where roads are not accessible to bicycles.  It is a 1 day, 98km long trail and elevations ranges between 235m at the lowest point and 1384m at the highest.

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