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In addition to the current options to choose from, the following new exciting ventures and activities are being finalised and will be fully implemented from 2025. Final dates, costs involved, and services provided per event will be communicated as implementation of each venture is completed. All of the options as explained below are in some degree of completion, but should you be interested in undertaking any of these ventures in the meantime, feel free to contact us. We just might be able to accommodate you, depending on the situation and your demand. Contact us for further information.

1 Day Hiking Trail

A family outing in the form of a 1-day hiking trail of 9.4km, starting and ending at Rhoodebergkloof resort has been identified and approved. Once renovations at the resort have been completed, this exciting trail will be open to the public. 

2 Day Backpack Trail

The first day is a 11km hike that starts at Rhoodebergkloof at an elevation of 447m and ascends to 1700m, running over Rooiberg peak, the highest point in the Kamiesberg mountain range, after which you descend to the overnight camp at an elevation of 1518m. The second day back to Rhoodebergkloof is a 13km hike, taking you over another peak of 1592m and then down the mountain back to the resort. 

Mountain biking 

Adding to the current 1-day cycling route, we are implementing a 6 day, as well as a 10 day, cycling route through Namaqualand, including the Hardveld of the Kamiesberg and its numerous gravel mountain passes, the Sandveld along the West Coast and Bushmanland in the east. 

Eco Motorcycle Tour

A 6 day, 1170km off-road, motorcycle route has been identified, and is in the process of been finalised. It includes more than 10 gravel mountain passes and will be a demanding route to complete. Fully supported and catered for by our professional team, with complete tented camps each day, you will be given a true Namaqualand experience, exposed to the hospitality, culture and environment.

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